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A plastic bottle of past and present


From softening to molding, to irrigation, and then to open the bottle, water, plastic bottles end of life. Maybe a year, maybe in January, maybe just for a day. Red, blue, yellow, was put on the various "coat" of plastic bottles, was again left on the scrap heap.

Abandoned plastic bottles into bundles of textile fabrics "walk" out of the factory, the embodiment of people's clothes, like a Nirvana rebirth.

This plastic bottle new in municipal supply and marketing cooperatives under the Zhejiang King-chemical fiber workshop crept. Sealed packaged bundles of textile fabrics by the workers, and soon, they will be sold to the market, become indispensable necessities of life of the people---chemical fiber raw materials.

Golden agro-chemical fiber co introduced Jia Huanjun, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang, has some plastic bottles on the environment pollution, deep and hard to break down, easily lead to declining soil fertility, if incineration can cause air pollution.

Municipal supply and marketing cooperatives is responsible for leading the available waste reveals and recovery work, to contribute to public from October 19 to begin production, the company's production line 1/3 is enabled. At present, the company can recycle about 40 tons a day on average litter of plastic bottles, these bottles come mainly from Lishui town, jindong district, Ling Xia Zhu Zhen Tang Ya Zhen, and three plastic bottle collection points in rural areas and the remainder through foreign acquisitions. Next year, will enable all the factory production line, daily average handle of plastic bottles is expected to be up to 120 tons.

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