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Breakthrough natural to introduce the concept of textured metals raise plastic packaging standard


"China packaging news" many products, food, beverages, cosmetics and so on as long as the location in the upscale direction, tend to use glass, ceramic, metal and other materials.

Acrylic plastic bottles there is a case, makes high-end cosmetics packaging started. For many years, plastic bottles includes raw material manufacturers are trying to break through and strive to improve the inherent notion. For plastic bottles, mainly supported by PP plastic caps. Introduced caps made of aluminum or metal closures for improving the grade of plastic bottles look pretty packaging. This current is mainly health products bottle, extensive use of metallic aluminum cover, with a plastic bottle.

But with everyone's efforts, development gradually closer to the high-end trend of PET bottle, especially PET bottles. We can almost see the PET bottles is a stage of rapid development gradually high-end design with the temperament to persuade high profile people to buy.

Transparent pet boxes wear resistance, good plasticity, impact resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics, products used in the packaging industry. Mineral water bottles, the prevailing material for PET clear plastic. Various industries led the development of transparent PET plastic bottles, with clear PET plastic industrial development speed, it occupies a larger share in the packaging market, our country's clear PET plastic industry also needs to integrate, through combined, acquisitions and other means of production enterprises, forming a large plastic packaging enterprises, so as to push forward the healthy development of the industry.

Because many good properties of PET bottles, it selected the probability is much higher than other types of high-end packaging of plastic bottles, Vanguard is not impossible.

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