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Bullet-proof fire earthquake in Nigeria's Green housing, are made from plastic bottles and sand to build up the


Plastic is everywhere, flooding all around us. Researchers predict that at this rate, by 2050 the global 99% of the birds will be the presence of plastic in the body.

Just get people to use less plastic is not enough, we want to reuse the plastic, making it difficult for the degradation of the material away from landfill. Although information charts, true story, recycling projects have emphasized the plastic is harmful, but many countries, particularly the United States, also will be in huge piles of plastic into a landfill.

Because of overlooked, so a lot of people are trying to use the waste byproduct of social life. Some people made the magnificent statue of discarded plastic, and wake up everyone's attention, but also some creative, use plastic to build eco-friendly housing. science news network in the world, it was reported, is facing a severe housing crisis in Nigeria, the Government has built 1.6 million houses needs to solve the housing shortage. However, according to the traditional method of building not only cost is too high and the human cost. So local recommendations by two non-government organizations-with plastic bottles to build your House.

This approach not only cost savings, while beneficial to the environment. Photo: Andreas Froese/ECOTEC

The Nigerian Kaduna (Kaduna) renewable energy development Association (DARE, Development Association for Renewable Energies), and by the African common trust in London (Africa Community Trust) to collaborative projects at the same time solves two major problems: housing shortages and environmental protection. Plastic shrinking on landfill is not said which House does not produce any carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, both inside and outside the House energy from solar energy and biogas (cycle of waste produces methane), called green houses.

If you want to build a two-bedroom House, workers have to put plastic bottles filled with sand with soil and cement to build them together. In this way, a slag brick wall more durable than the wall.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the plastic House also bullet-proof fire earthquake, room temperature comfortable all year round.

Due to the limited weight of the bottle after pouring sand, plastic House is able to build a maximum of three layers. These houses are good for the environment, looking very beautiful, the style of recycled bottles colorful, each House is unique.

A two-bedroom house using 14,000 bottles. Nigeria's daily number of discarded plastic bottles to 3 million, so in order to build a few, also no lack of raw materials.

With the United States than in Nigeria could not be wasted. United States daily number of discarded plastic bottles is 130 million, was 47 billion bottles a year, of which 80% are landfill.

According to the website Off Grid World reports, if the United States and Nigeria to recycle the discarded plastic bottles, so can build 9257 rooms a day on average, one year is 3.4 million. Now United States and 3.5 million people living on the street, it can solve their housing problem, right?

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