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Canada intends to ban plastic bottles by the beverage Association in Montreal three big companies to boycott


"Web report" United Kingdom newspaper the independent reported on March 19, Canada Montreal Mayor dannisi·kedeer indicated its intention to introduce a law prohibiting people and businesses to use plastic bottles. The Act at present was to Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, led by companies such as opposition.

It is reported that dannisi·kedeer has announced earlier that would have banned the use of plastic bags. Restrictions on the use of plastic bag ban will be implemented in phases in 2018.

Reports of Canada Association of drinks including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle the three major companies, more than 60 companies, which in March, submitted a document to the Lobbyist Registration Office. File writes: "for customers to use plastic bottles, safe and convenient, banned the use of plastic bottles may restrict customer choice. We hope people can oppose the resolution prohibiting the use of plastic bottles in Montreal. ”

Dannisi·kedeer responded by saying: "in the past, we have been talking about plastic bags, and now we will discuss the problem of plastic bottles. Use of plastic would cause environmental pollution. "Codel said earlier, in Quebec City, more than 700 million disposable plastic bottles each year dumped in landfills, which overwhelmed for the environment. He also said he would take into consideration the interests of all parties to adopt reasonable measures to address the problem of plastic bottles. (Practice compilation: Ping Shi audit: mouyanchen)

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