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Medical processing of PET bottle technology


1. for the PET bottle blow molding material for saturation of linear and thermoplastic polyester, the main application of performance indicators for: intrinsic viscosity (IV) should be controlled at 70-85ml/g in order to blow molding bottle having high mechanical performance and transparency. For stretch blow molding bottle volume (more than 2L) bottles, use the intrinsic viscosity of polyester raw materials for 70-75ml/g. Medicinal small volume injection blow molding bottle of priority to produce selected high viscosity index. Due to the selection of the raw materials is right or not, related to the production process of molding process parameters selection and quality status of bottle after forming, therefore in the production of medicinal PET bottles, material viscosity, temperature, cooling rate and orientation effect of process data is particularly important. This is because the polyester material is a crystallization of the polymer, its rate is very small for 6um/min (max). Through controlled crystallization temperature and cooling rate conditions, make the pet bottles of the amorphous or crystalline, and can change the Crystal types and quantities. Crystallinity of pet requirements generally about 30%. The orientation effect of polyester raw materials polyester can be ordered, crystalline, the formation of crystals is called strain-induced Crystal, the grain is very small, not light, so the orientation of the pet bottles to make transparent bottle. If you want to bottle production into hot filling and can be used in disinfection, partially crystalline polyester required orientation for heat setting, make further crystallization to increase heat resistance. So in the technological characteristics of polyester raw materials, molecular crystallization and orientation effect of stretch blow molding process of PET bottle quality performance a key factor.

2. polyester material to wet and dry

Polyester material is hygroscopic polymers before processing, should be subject to stringent dry so that the residual moisture content of less than 0.005%. Drying system in polyester raw material to be used to wet to dry. Optional drying conditions for: drying temperature 140-180 ° c, dew point 40 ℃, air 0.06mm/kg.h. Drying time 4H. These conditions should note: when air when the measured value is higher than 0.06mm/kg.h can broaden the scope of operations, reducing drying temperature, high energy consumption; II guarantee is important to dry the dew point as low as possible, but the dew point high to 10 c there will be no problem, but there should be strict monitoring of dew point of the air, found to be too high and should be reduced in time. ③ drying temperature is a critical parameter, can be in a variety of

Drying temperature and measuring the parison viscosity to determine the optimal drying temperatures, usually 150~163℃. Down the drying temperature should drop to about 120 about longer drying time reduces the intrinsic viscosity of polyester raw materials, reasonable control drying temperatures become critical parameters, small increases in temperature will cause the intrinsic viscosity of polyester greatly reduced, so drying time is as short as possible, to widen the scope of operations. In the dry process, due to the high drying temperature of polyester, hopper device should have good thermal insulation and glass fiber insulation layer should be avoided by drying polyester raw materials come into contact with outside air, for polyester raw material quickly absorbs moisture from the air. Completely dry polyester raw material contact 35%-40% and relative humidity of air 12min, moisture content reaches 0.005%.

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