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Plastic bottle manufacturers ' operating range starting from their own


As for plastic bottles, packaging areas covered by very many, foods, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and so on fields. So is a plastic bottle manufacturer product line is very rich, dabbled in a wide range of good, is a variety of single well? To solve this problem, maybe a lot of people think this is not important, but the writer in the plastic bottle industry for many years, which is very tricky for plastic bottle manufacturers.

First, if a manufacturer if the product line is rich, because it involves the products have a lot of equipment cost, rich product line for plastic bottle manufacturers of capital cost will be very high. And too rich product line, for plastic bottle manufacturers in product focus requires a lot of effort on this scale is required for manufacturers. Small plastic bottle manufacturer product lines should not be too rich, or too busy to take into account, but not competitiveness. Secondly, focused on a plastic bottle manufacturers in the field of, can't speak product line is too narrow, too narrow a plastic bottle and out to product development, but the target customer base is too small, not conducive to the long-term development of plastic bottle manufacturers.

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