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Plastic pots factory experience and knowledge


Butyl plastic pots factory bosses and we say:

Plastic pots are a kind of rigidity, appearance of the container and application in different industries show, plastic bottles of common shapes are round, square, oval, and so on, from the point of view, by the respective advantages, according to different requirements, to select different shapes of plastic bottles.

Plastic basin of uniform wall thickness, printing surface shall be smooth and liquid plastic bottle must have a handle, strengthened structures such as Groove, in the production process, in order to prevent distortion, needs some way to solve it.

1, deformation due to hot filling: filling to room temperature as possible, to achieve the goal, extended cycle or increased cooling device for transmission pipe is used to avoid this phenomenon.

2, deformation due to weight loss: the barrier effect of the different materials of plastic bottles, achieve excellent barrier effect, in order to reduce distortion and so on.

Overall, the plastic bottles are widely used in different industry sectors, as a mainstream form of packaging, and market all ages welcome. Plays a significant role in the packaging market.

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