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Plastics industry must master essential knowledge


Has not been exposed to or for people new to the plastics industry, common sense on how to grasp the plastic problem is a big problem, if its related terms, such a professional attitude to the customer. 1, synthetic resin by the synthesis of a polymer. For viscous liquids or heat may soften solid when heated, melting or softening temperature range usually have, under external force in the flow state, some properties are similar to natural resins. 2, the most important application is the manufacturing of synthetic resin plastic. For ease of processing and improve performance, additive, sometimes directly for processing, it is often synonymous with plastic.

3, the amount of resin and wide, good shape, cheap plastic, resin, there are five major varieties. 4, plastic modification in the resin added with a certain volume of additives and fillers to enhance its functionality or to improve their performance. Do you learn the basics?

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