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17 Plastic Bottles Can Make A Sweater

Hubei daily news (reporter Hu Xian, Liu Zhimeng interns) to throw plastic bottles of drink the water what can I do? Netherlands designers together with 17, will be able to "weave" a beautiful sweater. Yesterday, a 6-day Wuhan Netherlands ProMED view 403 days in the international art center, many Netherlands designers share their stories of creative design.

Reference to Netherlands, many people will think of tulips and painter Vincent van Gogh. Netherlands said that the far-reaching impact a large number of artists represented by Van Gogh, can still give Netherlands creative industries bring enlightenment and inspiration. At present, including design, media, fashion, games, creative industries, is the Netherlands one of the strategically important industry, promoting urban tourism, business communications, to enhance the international influence.

Netherlands famous fashion brand Waste2Wear (changing waste to wear) founder and CEO Monique Maissan waste plastics into the fashion industry, and was a huge success. The past has been using waste plastic to weave woolen cord, made items such as blankets and she further improved technology using waste plastics weave the threads, making all kinds of clothes and industrial market. Roughly seven or eight plastic bottles can make a coat, 17 plastic bottle you can "change" a sweater. "Think about when children wear uniforms made of such material, on how useful the development of their imagination. "Monique Maissan says.

Elisabeth Koch is the fashion Queen's hat, Shu Qi, Zhang Ziyi and Li and other stars have worn her hat, top fashion magazines. In her hand, a piece of wood, a few feathers, are all excellent materials for the hat. In order to engage in their favorite cause, Elisabeth Koch also abandoned stable banks work. She encourages fashion people in Wuhan, dare to pursue their dreams.

Netherlands architect's story, the audience broke into enthusiastic applause in Wuhan. An urban design school of Wuhan University Professor, Netherlands design is not only beautiful, personalized, does green, refreshing, hope the Wuhan peers can learn more, stronger creative industries.

It is learnt that the Wuhan Netherlands day organised by the Netherlands Arnhem city and Wuhan City Government's Foreign Affairs Office, the Hubei daily group, changfei optical fiber units to undertake.

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