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Do Plastic Water Bottles Have A “shelf Life?”

Container producers and bottlers frequently conduct shelf tests of finished product over varied time periods and beneath varied conditions to assist make sure the safety and integrity of the package and its contents. drinking water is plastic bottles taken into account a shelf-stable product, and there's no info linking safety issues with drinking water sold-out up to 2 years when bottling. 

Some massive retailers need all food suppliers (including makers of drinking water and alternative beverages) to hold a biennial expiration date. Production-date committal to writing is popular retailers for stock rotation functions.

FDA, that regulates drinking water as a prepackaged food, has not established a period of time for drinking water. IBWA advises shoppers to store drinking water (and all alternative beverages in plastic containers) at temperature (or cooler), out of direct daylight and faraway from solvents and chemicals like fuel, paint diluent, unit cleaners and dry-cleaning chemicals. In terms of storage and handling, shoppers ought to treat drinking water with a similar care and respect as alternative prepackaged foods plastic bottles and beverages.


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