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Feeding Bottles, Old Wood, Tree Roots Are In His Hands Became Beautiful Hangzhou

Broken bridge encounter, the Eight Immortals, 18 farewells, gem mountain, feilai peak, six harmonies and xixi wetland ... ...

In communities long Ming SI Xiang Zhang Huanmiao's home, decorated with forty or fifty pots of different styles of bonsai. 78 year old Zhang Dabo, also became a neighborhood of artists.

You know, Zhang Dabo bonsai aren't limited to simple plants, rocks.

Its members have waste such as plastic bottles, stones, toothpicks, stick, plus weekday humble green plants, Zhang Dabo's hand, after relocation, sculpture, painting, modeling, Visual art.

Take the "baochu pagoda", Tower made of plastic bottles and glass tiles, and then paint oil paints, alongside cutting a small clump of flowers, lush.

"West Lake", the green grass and rocks, logs, succulents and styling.

"Broken bridge" is the roots for carving, painting and other arts, Xu Xian and Bai looks like each other on the bridge is very touching.

Each bonsai Zhang Dabo is "dynamic" and "static" is composed of two parts.

"Static" is used in a variety of "scrap" materials, such as plastic bottles, boxes, others prepared to throw away the old wood for firewood, dead roots and so on, "waste" into "treasure".

"Dynamic" refers to each bonsai tree-root carving is "live". Zhang Dabo said, he would choose the winter jasmine, FIR, Banyan, vigorous plants such as polygonum multiflorum, a bonsai and sometimes take years to complete, take a look at the roots of the plants look like what do engraving, decorated on the basis of the original shape until it grows a second and third time processing, final paint. Finished potted plants over the years are still growing well.

Bonsai is Zhang Dabo developed hobbies after retirement. Zhang Dabo was railroad worker is repairing electrical equipment, no slouch. "Electrician on a train, electric fans, refrigerators, and repair. ”

Zhang Dabo said, although not well educated, and only 3 years, but like paint, very artistic, is rich in imagination, himself son of painting teacher, teacher of the son is now the Academy of fine arts painting Department.

After retirement, Zhang Dabo and several friends dug up the mountain herbs, see polygonum multiflorum in various shapes, with inspiration: "has all kinds of shapes, like a cat, like a bird, like people. "Dig back a few of polygonum multiflorum, Zhang Dabo started pounding his sculpture, put a small table in the balcony, chisels, knives, paint, pigment," presence ". Exquisite art, Zhang Dabo became more interesting: "bigger and more beautiful, the others look like, I'm glad, too. ”

Starting from 1998, 18 years, Zhang Dabo made hundreds of bonsai. --Such as Peacock, 12 Chinese zodiac animals; some--such as the four great classical beauty, the Eight Immortals; more is related to the city's landscape--xixi wetlands and ten scenes of West Lake, and so on.

"We have G20 for Hangzhou this year, I, as an old man, want to use your own bonsai, for spreading the beauty of Hangzhou a force! "The idea of Zhang Dabo also received the support of the community. Chang Ming SI Xiang community workers told reporters and communities prepare for the next phase in the vicinity of Gong Zizhen's Memorial to Zhang Dabo to do an exhibition, then, we can take a look.

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