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Homicides Scrap "processing" Processing 30,000 Plastic Bottles A Day

At the sweltering, drink a glass of cold drink can give you a different kind of refreshing, drink we would habitually throw bottles. Once these recycled products out of our sight, recycling is becoming an abstract as a whole, it will go through link? Plastic bottles ended up going? Evening news reporter investigates.

Recycling plastic bottles can be made into textiles

5 Coke bottles can be made into a dress, 2 Cola bottles can be made into a hat. You might not want to believe this, but it is true. Plastic bottles into plastic sheets, cleaning, drying, melting, after over more than 20 operations such as filtering, can be processed for "recycled man-made fibres", it can be made into textiles.

17th morning, evening news reporter arrived at the Avenue General homicides, a recycling company (referred to as plastic factory), nearly 2000 square meters of premises where there was a hill-like plastic bottles, more than more than 10 workers were cutting the plastic bottle on the wrapping paper. Trucks parked at the entrance of the plastics factory, three staff members of the transport of a large snake skin bag on the bus. "The bag is being crushed and dried pieces of plastic, fiber and clothing made from operation later, need to be transported to Chengdu to handle. "Zhang Zhongchang, head of the company told the evening news, which in the eyes of others are junk, they are here, baby.

Plastic factory yard has three machines, namely, plastic shredders, plastic washing machine and dryer, used for crushing, washing and drying. "Handling plastic sheets were sent to processing plants in Chengdu, after a series of chemical polymerization, it may become a carpet or a piece of clothing. "Zhang Zhongchang says, for those plastic caps, it will be processed into items such as shading.

Scrap "processing" processing 30,000 plastic bottles a day

Zhang Zhongchang renewable resources limited liability company was founded in 2002, he has been in this business for 14 years. "Pakistan doing this, droves have new companies and old people retired. Now, bazhou district basic maintenance in 20 branches. I think this is a good thing, resources can be recycled, environmentally friendly, and also to make money. "Said Zhang Zhongchang, recycling 10,000 tons of discarded plastic bottles, equivalent to 50,000 tons of oil, and 37,500 tons of carbon dioxide savings.

His company mainly from recycled plastic bottles in the store, and can handle more than 1000 kilograms per day, thick bottle 1 kg more than more than 20, thin 1 kg more than more than 30, can handle about 30,000 a day. Now, he employed more than 10 more workers, mainly responsible for sorting plastic bottles and rough handling, piece junction wages. Good workers can earn more than more than 50 Yuan a day.

"Our job is to sort by colors and textures give the bottle, Cap taken, cut wrapping paper. "Worker Yang Huiqiong said. (Intern reporter Zhang Bo moukewangkesen)


It is understood that about 14 million tons a year of waste plastics in China has not been recycled, recycling is only 25%. Waste plastics by modern economists known as the "human's second largest mineral", "treasures of the city." According to statistics from related departments, a middle-sized city of plastic waste produced each year to meet the 20-small plastic raw material needs of enterprises. Development and utilization of resources can be effective in the treatment of waste plastics pollution, and create significant economic benefits, is a benefit of the green cause. (Pakistan-China evening news)

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