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New Plastic Bottle Manufacturers Should Carefully Select Products

Read Forbes and top 500 enterprises, we will discover, the beverage industry is a profitable, enterprise-scale industries with higher degree of concentration. Engaged in the production of beverage bottles company in this market, facing enormous pressure.

Cooperation with large enterprises on the one hand, want a drink bottle manufacturer with a strong supply capacity, this requires a plastic bottle manufacturers to carry out large-scale production, which means the bottle enterprises-financial strength. The other hand, the plastic bottle business does not have a price bid for more pricing power in the hands of big drinks companies. Which makes the bottle prices are very transparent, and low profitability for a single bottle. This makes the survival of small and medium drink bottle manufacturer has a lot of pressure. This environment promotes the centralization of industries of drink cans, appear Zhuhai zhongfu, Shanghai zijiang mainly in the production of beverage bottles of these large listed companies.

Meanwhile, we'll see food, pharmaceutical industry, these industries not only the scale of production enterprises, there are also many small and medium enterprises, which gives small and medium food bottle, medicine bottle manufacturers to develop opportunities. For plastic bottle production, and we hope that just entering the field, and for those who do not have strong financial strength, the choice of production types to understand the downstream market, should not enter the high concentration of large-scale industry.

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