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People have modified. the globe has modified. If we tend to ought to a degree wherever we'd like to drink water in plastic bottles, we tend to sure as shooting have changed! Humans have currently reached associate increasing volume plastic bottles of seven.3 billion folks on the earth. If all people drink just one bottle every day, we tend to square measure viewing two.6 trillion bottles a year. wherever square measure they? wherever do they go?

Why square measure developed countries of the globe, operating thus arduous to recycle atiny low share of the degree of plastic bottles being discarded, once the developing countries that square measure larger in volume, haven't however completed what's happening to the earth, with the Brobdingnagian plastic drawback we tend to face. 

Unless developed countries organize, unite, and educate the developing countries, and provides them associate incentive to pick-up and utilize the plastic bottles already discarded, we tend to all loose!

I want the globe to appreciate that we are able to utilize plastic bottles in several different applications such as:

1 - Home insulation

2 - speedy temporary shelters once disasters

3 - Buildings for animal’s on farms

4 - Building swimming pools

5 - Water structure tanks

6 - Septic tanks

7 - Agriculture water ways in which (land drainage) 

8 - industrial warehouse construction

9 - Barns

10 - Roads

In fact, we are able to utilize plastic bottles the plastic bottles in such a large amount of applications, that they might become species. 

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