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Two Plastic Bottle Design For Communities Grass Seedlings "micro-landscape" Wall Of Praise

Wuhan, people's daily, May 18 "look look, the bottle was grass, so creative! "On May 18, the Wuhan Institute of business and creative edge by hand and Exhibition Association of nearly 40 in the design of plastic bottles on the school football field next to the barbed wire grass seedlings" micro-landscape "wall of green environmental protection, attracted many students of the school to watch.

The "micro-landscapes" walls are made from discarded plastic bottles, grass seed, coffee grounds, as well as the rope formed, cut the plastic bottle, pour the coffee grounds and put grass seed into, drill holes in the sides of the plastic bottle, rope access. By adjusting the length and direction of the rope, the bottle will be fixed in the fence, and formed "LOVE words" moral is to create a thinking, love green living. In order to attract the attention of students, members of the Association also draws on a variety of color patterns in plastic bottles. In addition, huangjiahu before will also jointly organized four "yellow Lake creating handmade arts contest" contestants in the works on display.

During the exhibition, attracted many onlookers. The ITC professional junior school girls Ma Qing see the "micro-landscape" wall, it is amazing. "In school for the first time to see this kind of grass seedlings ' micro-landscapes ' wall, too creative. Grass seedlings in discarded bottles, which can save costs, without taking up too much space. Compared with the past, which advocated green mode is generally willing to accept that. "Ma Qing said.

Turning to the original intention of this event, edge creative arts Director of the hand-Shi said: "organized the event, the main objective is to advocate environmental protection awareness in students. Similar to the discarded plastic bottles, batteries and other items, our innovation is in fact can salvage. Hope that through our advocacy, called on more college students to join the ranks of environmental innovation. ”

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